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Children Meditating


Improving Symptoms Associated with ADHD

“I am getting my schoolwork done.”  “I am getting up earlier in the morning.”

A client we call "Jack", a fifth grader was brought in by his mother for primarily having difficulty at school.  Client's symptoms were on a scale of (0 to5) in October were as follows, Drifting into thoughts when working- 5, Easily Distracted from Tasks-5, Doesn't finish tasks until the deadline-5, Can't finish assign tasks -5, Difficulty completing tasks with multiple steps-5, Works very slowly to be sure things were right-5.  He started training in October.   By November, his symptoms had decreased to a 4, and Drifting into thoughts was a 3. In December he stayed at a 4, In January he reduced to 4's and 3's.  My March he was at a 3 and having completed his training after 26 Sessions.

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