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Brainiac was formed to help people change their lives in meaningful, long lasting ways by changing their brains. This is why we offer Neurofeedback intervention. Neurofeedback is a brain based intervention which helps change brain patterns, the result is a decrease in the symptoms that are bothering you. Neurofeedback starts with a Brain-map or mini Qeeg.  You have a cap placed on your head,  gel goes in the holes and the amplifier amplifies your brain waves to be large enough to be detected and recorded on the computer. (kind of like a stethoscope your doctor uses to listen to your heart. A recording of eyes closed, eyes open and task get processed and we are able to get a "snapshot" of what type of brain activity you have in different areas of your brain.  Each person is an individual so if three people have anxiety, they can still have different areas of the brain that are contributing to their anxiety.  After your mapping you train at least twice a week.    We train several areas of your brain with personalized protocols.  As you progress , you train less often, typically once a week.  Can't make it to the office twice a week to train?  You may be eligible for our take home neurofeedback program.

What is Neurofeedback?

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